Hunting for internships? Find help here!

Internships are key to a future career in magazines – not to mention a graduation requirement for Journalism and Professional Writing majors. With New York City just an hour away by bus or train, the internship opportunities for TCNJ students are endless. Members of Ed@TCNJ  have held some of the top internships in the magazine industry including Seventeen, Cosmo, and Women’s Day! Here’s a 3-step plan to land your dream magazine internship!

Here’s how to start YOUR search:

1) Sign up for Ed2010’s daily newsletter
Ed2010 will not only give you your news fix by sending you articles on the magazine industry–it will also “whisper” job and internship openings.  Just send a blank e-mail to and be sure to follow their twitter feed @Ed2010News.

2) Do your online research
Websites like and have been known to score TCNJ students some awesome internships.  Search for your dream internship and then send the appropriate editor your rockin’ resume and cover letter.

3) Ask around
This industry is all about word of mouth.  The more people you know and earn respect from, the more eyes and ears you’ll have looking out for you. Ask everyone including editors, journalism professors, students, alums,  (even your hairdresser!) to spread the word that you’re searching for a magazine internship –  because you never know who may have a useful connection!  Also remember to keep in touch with anyone you meet in the business. Even if they don’t know of a job currently, if you keep friendly communication, you are bound to be one of the first people they tell when they do. That, my friend, is the beauty of networking.

If you’re persistent, optimistic and just be yourself, you WILL make your way to the masthead!!!


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