Reasons to be Thankful this Interviewing Season


The secret to job success is much simpler than it seems: it’s all in a simple Thank you.

At our recent event, the PR vs. Editorial Panel, the ladies discussed the importance of sending Thank you notes after each interview. They seriously stressed the fact that if you didn’t know to send a follow-up thank you, you better know it now, and you better practice it.

I’ll fully admit that before that panel, it hadn’t occurred to me to send a formal thank you note. But coincidentally, not long after, my PR professor relayed the same information: you must send a thank you note after an interview. It may be the one act that stands between you and your dream job.

Both parties mentioned the best procedure for showing your gratification. Before your interview, draft (but don’t send!) a quick email thanking the interviewee for taking their time to meet with you. For an added touch, hand write a formal thank you card or note to send in the mail. Following your interview, no matter how well you believe it went, drop the letter off at the post office and send the email on its way. The company will appreciate the gesture and it will keep you in their minds for longer after the interview.

So this interviewing season, remember to be thankful, and you might have more to be thankful for!


Ed@TCNJ and The Signal Staff Reunion

Staff Reunion

Yesterday Ed@TCNJ and The Signal co-sponsored the 2nd Annual The Signal Staff Reunion! Eleven former staff members met with Edsters and the current Signal staff to reminisce and bond about TCNJ. The event was a great success and we look forward to next year’s reunion!

TIME for Kids Tour!

Edsters and Kelli Plasket (center) at TIME for Kids!

Edsters and Kelli Plasket (center) at TIME for Kids!

Ed@TCNJ girls visited the Big Apple yet again — this time for a tour of TIME for Kids magazine! Thanks to TCNJ alumna Kelli Plasket, the Edsters got to tour the Time & Life building and meet with editors from the cutest kid’s magazine! They even got to take home some fun souvenirs.

Edsters enjoying their new 3-D animal books at TIME for Kids!

Ed@TCNJ ladies enjoying their new 3-D animal books at TIME for Kids!

Visit to Seventeen Magazine and She’s the First HQ!

On Friday, Ed@TCNJ ladies took a bus to NYC for a tour of Seventeen magazine and the She’s the First Headquarters!
Once the lucky Edsters got to Hearst, they went up to the 17th floor to meet with Berna Anat, Executive Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief, for a tour of Seventeen magazine! (Yes, Seventeen is on the 17th floor!) Anat showed the girls everything from the fashion closet full of the latest trends to the Seventeen archives with binders filled with every magazine dating back to the 1940s! Much to the everyone’s surprise, Editor-in-Chief Ann Shocket walked by the group during the tour!
After the tour, there was a Q & A session with Accessories Editor Jasmine Snow, Lifestyle Editor Kaitlin Menza and Web Assistant Kara McGrath. These ladies explained what they do and shared some insider tips and advice with the Edsters. After saying goodbye, the Edsters rushed over to the She’s the First headquarters to meet with TCNJ alumna and Ed@TCNJ founder Tammy Tibbetts and She’s the First Director of International Relations Christen Brandt.

Edsters and Tammy Tibbetts at the She's the First headquarters

Edsters and Tammy Tibbetts at the She’s the First headquarters

The girls had milk and cookies and talked to Tammy about TCNJ, The Signal, and She’s the First. As a former Seventeen Web Editor, Tibbetts also shared some insider tips about the magazine industry.
It was a fun-filled day and the Ed@TCNJ girls got to see what it would be like to work at a major publication!

First Meeting = Success

Welcome back to TCNJ, Edsters! We had an awesome first meeting last week where we introduced our e-board and learned what Ed is all about. We’re so pumped for this semester!

If you can’t make it to our Seventeen magazine tour on Friday, September 28th, you’ll have the opportunity to visit another magazine later in the semester – we’re already planning a trip to Women’s Day magazine!

Don’t forget to join us this Sunday, September 24th, at 4 p.m. for our Summer Internship Panel! We’ll have a panel of TCNJ students who’ve had some awesome internships in magazines, tv, marketing, and PR and they’ll share with you the ins and outs of landing your dream internship. Feel free to bring along a list of questions to ask the panelists. You don’t want to miss this!

Hello Edsters!

We have some new information regarding meetings/events!


  • Unless otherwise noted, meetings will be every other Sunday at 4 p.m. on the circle couches above the Rat. (For those Freshies and Transfers out there, the circle couches are on the 2nd floor of the Student Center – the Stud.)
  • Our first meeting will be on September 9th!

Upcoming Events:

  • Summer Internship Panel – Sunday, September 23rd @ 4 p.m.!
  • Seventeen Magazine Tour – Friday, September 28th @ 11 a.m.!
  • She’s the First Tour – Friday, November 2nd @ TBA!
  • NYWICI Conference – TBA
  • Signal Staff Reunion – TBA
  • Cupcake Sale – TBA

Check back for more information regarding these events and be sure to stop by our booth at the Activities Fair on Wednesday September 5th to say hello!

Learn how to get ‘From College to Career’ with Gen Y Career Expert Lindsey Pollak

lindsey_bookLindsey Pollak is a best selling author, speaker and consultant specializing in Gen Y (that’s us!) career and workplace issues. She’s the author of fabulous career advice books like “Getting from College to Career: 90 Things to do Before You Join the Real World” and “A Savvy Gal’s Guide to Online Networking.” Her advice and opinions have been featured everywhere from the New York Times to NPR, and she is the Career Contributor to ABC News on Campus. She will be here at TCNJ to deliver top notch advice on how to land a job after gradation (yes, even in this economy).

You definitely do NOT want to miss this event, and it will be an especially helpful and inspiring talk for graduating seniors. Even if you aren’t graduating, Lindsey’s advice is ALWAYS relevant.  Event will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the Library Auditorium. Lindsey’s discussion will be followed by a Q & A session and a book signing! Hope to see you there!

P.S. Visit the Past Events page to see what Ed’s been up to this semester!

April EDvents!

Psst, Edsters… hope you are relaxing over spring break because the rest of the semester is JAM PACKED with Ed events. We have career advice, freelance tips, fashionistas and more surprises coming your way soon! Check out the “Upcoming Events” page for more information.

Read Unbound!

Check out the latest issue of Unbound, TCNJ’s online magazine, here.  Read about everything from the economic crisis to a review of the game Tomb Rader Underworld to how to deal with stress, written by TCNJ students.