Reasons to be Thankful this Interviewing Season


The secret to job success is much simpler than it seems: it’s all in a simple Thank you.

At our recent event, the PR vs. Editorial Panel, the ladies discussed the importance of sending Thank you notes after each interview. They seriously stressed the fact that if you didn’t know to send a follow-up thank you, you better know it now, and you better practice it.

I’ll fully admit that before that panel, it hadn’t occurred to me to send a formal thank you note. But coincidentally, not long after, my PR professor relayed the same information: you must send a thank you note after an interview. It may be the one act that stands between you and your dream job.

Both parties mentioned the best procedure for showing your gratification. Before your interview, draft (but don’t send!) a quick email thanking the interviewee for taking their time to meet with you. For an added touch, hand write a formal thank you card or note to send in the mail. Following your interview, no matter how well you believe it went, drop the letter off at the post office and send the email on its way. The company will appreciate the gesture and it will keep you in their minds for longer after the interview.

So this interviewing season, remember to be thankful, and you might have more to be thankful for!


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