Teen Vogue: Meet Stacey

Hi, everyone! I just came across this intern blog from Teen Vogue that I thought might be of interest to some of you, particularly if you are Degrassi: TNG fans and/or aspiring to intern at Teen Vogue. Stacey Farber, best known for playing (aspiring journalist!) Ellie on the aforementioned TV show, just landed an internship at the NY Teen Vogue offices (she’s also interned at NYLON mag). Teen Vogue sure does love those “celebrity” interns. 😉 She makes landing an internship sound so easy in her blog, but she does seem devoted to the fashion industry and the magazine and is building quite the resume. Any thoughts?

NAME: Stacey Farber
AGE: 20
HOMETOWN: Toronto, Canada
SCHOOL: The New School University

Seated in Teen Vogue‘s head office, at my desk and facing my new Mac, I suddenly wonder how I got here. There are less-important, literal questions (like: How did I decode New York’s complex subway map and actually make it to work this morning?), but I have deeper questions, too. These ones are farther-reaching and cloudy because even though I try, I can never pinpoint exactly when I traded my high school textbooks for designer look books. It seems that somehow, it all just…happened.

I transferred to the New School University (from Toronto, Canada) a year and a half ago to study Creative Writing. Once settled in Manhattan, I discovered the city’s abundance of internship opportunities. My school offered credit for internships and it looked as if, understandably, every company in Manhattan wanted to benefit from the [free] labor of interns—students could send their resumes anywhere! I boldly applied for and landed an internship position in the Fashion Department at NYLON Magazine in October, and I worked there (packing and unpacking garment bags, shipping clothing, walking anything and everything back to designers’ PR offices, etc.) for two semesters. I loved working for a publication that I enjoyed reading and genuinely respected, and at the end of the school year I knew I wanted to apply for an internship at Teen Vogue….

Read the rest of her blog, as well as other intern blogs,here.


2 thoughts on “Teen Vogue: Meet Stacey

  1. Wow! I didn’t realize how many celebs intern! I noticed there also seems to be a lot of famous blood at mags like Rolling Stone. Maybe that’s why I never heard back 😦

    Nevertheless, the blogs are interesting to read!

  2. I must agree, there seems to be a great number of the famous in magazines. I can understand that the publications are writing about that kind of lifestyle, so it would behoove them to have their subjects on their side. But… I want to be there too!
    She interned at NYLON?! I haven’t sufficiently cleaned up the drool dripping from my to-the-floor jaw quite yet. It would be my dream to follow in her shoes.. Someday. That’s what I keep telling myself.
    As for now, I’m off to get some more papertowels to finish up the drool-pool. Oh, the green eyes of envy..

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