Magazine Junkie…

So guys…what are some of your absolute favorite magazines? I’m a big music person so I love Alternative Press, Rolling Stone and Spin. I also adore NYLON, which is really artsy and always has awesome photos and accompanying articles. Along with that, I love Marie Claire and CosmoGIRL! (and no, not just because I interned there!) as well as Details, Vanity Fair and Entertainment Weekly. Wow, I could go on forever…

I gotta say, even though I love both Reese Witherspoon and Marie Claire, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the cover this month. It just seemed a bit awkward. Anyone else see it? On the other hand, I loved their September cover with Ashley Olsen. I think it was one of their bests. NYLON had a really cool cover of Mary-Kate last month too. Any good February issues/covers you’ve read?

I have over 10 magazine subscriptions…an addict? Perhaps… 🙂

PS. If you’re interested in joining New York Women in Communications (NYWICI), it’s a great organization to network with editors and learn more about the industry! They offer great workshops and events so check out the site!


4 thoughts on “Magazine Junkie…

  1. I love “National Geographic” and “Martha Stewart Living”! But I’m not afraid to admit that if there’s a “People” or “Entertainment Weekly” around, I’ll gladly indulge my gossip addiction. 😉

  2. I think you covered just about all my favorites =]
    I am an addict of NYLON. And will be forever. I’ve just gotten into Vanity Fair and Bazaar too. Vogue is good for the pictures [duh, fashion lol]
    I’ve got about 10 subscriptions running now too, so don’t feel guilty Sharon. I mean, we’re looking into going into the industry; we have to know what’s going on, right?? And should’t it be a tax write off???

  3. I gotta say, I’m not a fashion/music/follow-the-trends type of gal, but maybe I’m stating the obvious 😉

    I adore Oprah Magazine (my mom’s subscription) Hallmark (yes, it exists), and Positive Thinking (it’s a little-itty bitty mag that you can fit in your pocket — definitely Jenny-sized). I’ve also been surprised by the fact that I actually do like Everyday with Rachel Ray. It’s not just centered on her meat-lovin’ recipes, but really incorporates all-facets of life, hence the appropriate title. Self is also great, and Ladies Home Journal.

    For real, I must be a mom-in-the-making!

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